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Renewal By Andersen Reviews

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  • Replaced patio window/door unit.

    Contracted August, 2016 and is still not completed, August 24, 2017. Went with Renewal by Anderson because of quality of product. Apparently problems began when salesman measured unit, and, implied our existing Anderson storm/screen door could be used as "the size will be the same." Attempt to install unit Nov, 2016, installers found unit was too small and the door swing was wrong. They had to install as old unit was damaged when they removed it. Expedited order.... %uD83E%uDD14 Jan, 2017 unit installed. Left sliding screen door which we will put in after the winter. Big... More...
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  • Huge waste of money

    Purchasing 2 sliding glass doors from Renewal by Anderson of Atlanta has been a horrible experience and I deeply regret ever doing business with them. I just wasted 10K on products which are no better than my old ones. High pressure salesman misrepresented the product, promised non-existent discounts and benefits, and did not tell us up front that it takes two months to get the product once it is purchased. We have already had to give up 4 days of our time for the quote, then the measuring, then the delivery, then the installing. Unfortunately our nightmare is still not over. We are now... More...
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  • Worse Windows Ever

    Had our very expensive windows and 2 sliding patio doors installed September 2014, by winter I had called about the windows, I had very bad condensation and Ice on the inside of the windows, last winter 2015, I again had the same issue, they came out and they said We had gotten defective windows and they wore going to replace them, Again winter 2016, condensation and Ice inside my windows, I have called for service and They are not available to send anyone until Jan 2017. The wood trimming on the windows are already getting mold. I don't know what to do. They are not fixing the... More...
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    mcoreaa1's Picture   mcoreaa1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Renewal by Andersen of Southern New England

    After a year and four days these wonderful folks are again installing my two defective sliding patio doors for the umpteenth time. Last winter I had snow entering the house where the doors met. Nearly $11,000 dollars for two shoddy lightweight windows and two patio doors that do not meet. Speaks well for these folks! Do not use them, do not believe them, do not trust them. If Andersen has any concern for the integrity of their name, they should disassociate themselves. More...
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    LeeBee's Picture   LeeBee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Renewal by Andersen Do not keep appointments.

    I scheduled an appointment with Renewal by Andersen for 1:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. A dispatcher called me at 1:00 to let me know that the company rep would not be able to make my appointment. The appointment before mine was taking longer than they thought and that someone would be calling me to schedule another appointment when they were in the area. I came home specifically for this appointment, scheduled my day around it. The dispatcher apologized, but when I asked to reschedule on the phone he said that someone would have to contact me. Also asked if a manger... More...
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  • replacement windows

    What a bad experience from start to finish. Terrible install, terrible management - lied to us from beginning to end, ordered wrong window -then said it was our fault. Windows installed without a drip cap in siding. windows are basically installed using foam and caulk to hold in place And keep moisture out. Most expensive window on market , you would think they could hire better installers and be honest when at fault. We are still in aw with our experience. Do yourself a favor and work with a professional contractor like Pella. More...
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    xceln's Picture   xceln    0 Comments   Comments
  • Window Problems

    I purchased 3 tilt in double hung windows and 1 casement window several years ago. The tilts leaked air worse than the 100 year old windows they replaced! When I complained, they tested them and said the leakage was within acceptable parameters!!! The curtains moved!!! They eventually gave me 3 plastic storms; I was so tired of dealing with them that I let it go. Now the storms have deteriorated and 1 is broken where a bird hit it. The casement has a broken crank. What can I do now? Haven't found where I can buy a new crank or glass to fit the skinny plastic storms! These... More...
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    PatHurttgam's Picture   PatHurttgam    0 Comments   Comments
  • renewal by anderson

    One of the worst service ever. It took 3 moths from the day we pay ultil the window was intalled, but the window was't the one we ordered and payed so they told us to wait 2 more weeks to get the parts missing and after 3 weeks they call me to set an appointment and gave me only 2 opcions in the whole month form the technician to come. We still don't have the window we pay 4 months ago. Every time we call to the office they say they will call us back and they have never done it, not even a sorry for the inconvenience. More...
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    momis's Picture   momis    0 Comments   Comments
  • Andersen Patio Door

    I stripped a screw for my Andersen door hinge. They told me that I had to buy an entire new hinge because the screws that go inside the hinge aren't sold individually. They also told me that I would have to replace all 4 of the hinges as a result, for a cost of $280. This screw weighs less than an ounce and would cost $1 at a hardware store if they had them (which they don't). For this reason, and the customer service person's refusal to accomodate my request to sell an individual screw, I will never buy an Andersen product again. They claim to be the best but if... More...
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    pgreig's Picture   pgreig    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hassles Galore to Get Services

    I have been trying since last August 2013 with Renewal By Anderson from Great Bend, KS to come and repair my windows. The windows are very tight and if I can get them lose enough to pull inward, I have a very difficult time getting them back in. Every time I have called the supervisor whom I need to talk with, he seems to be always on the phone and never returns my calls. After calling him repeatedly to give me a call back, it takes at least a month for him to call me back. He has a repair man come out and they only look at it and agree it needs correcting but never have all the... More...
    (Repair Services)
    aa42bz's Picture   aa42bz    1 Comments   Comments
  • Big Mistake will cost me too much money

    I set up a meeting with a salesman who convinced me that I was getting a good deal. He never really showed me a whole contract but had me sign my name in the box on his computer screen. He lied to the finance company that he called and when I tried to correct him he told me to keep quiet. I was stupid to sign my name on both documents that day! He said the loan didn't kick in until the window measurements and order was made. I tried to cancel the deal less than a week later but found out that they had taken half the loan amount already even though no measurements or order had... More...
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    Oceanview43's Picture   Oceanview43    0 Comments   Comments
  • C&L Ward Service department for installed windows

    It is unbelievable to me that I can not obtain a simple replacement lock for the windows I had installed in 2006. After several phone calls the service department does not pick up their phone and you are required to leave a message. No one gets back with you. I have tried to order a replacement lock for these windows on line, and can not find "Renewal" parts. If C&L Ward had explained to me that I was not getting premium Anderson windows, I would never have bought these windows. I have made so many attempts at obtaining this $5 part, I can not beleive this is the way a... More...
    (Repair Services)
    MKWise's Picture   MKWise    2 Comments   Comments
  • over priced

    The windows are sold through franchisees and installed by subcontractors. The real price of the window depending on size is around $275 they are installed for about $100 and sold to home owners for around $1500, especially in the Austin Dallas and Fort Worth Texas marketplace. The Franchiser sets the price and the company in this area has the highest price in the entire network but hey the owner has some really nice cars. More...
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  • The Cons and the Pros

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. The cons first: There are 300 reviews on their web site most favorable but you cannot post a customer review. The installer warned us that unlike the show room the windows would be difficult to tilt in. That was an understatement. Hercules could not push the slider wedges down to wedge the window open. It is almost impossible to pull the top window open on the wider windows. I blame the hardware design. The plastic wedges are flimsy and tiny. I finally used the but end of a hammer to push the wedges in. No I am not an idiot. I am a female EE. There service department does not answer... More...
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    EEfem's Picture   EEfem    1 Comments   Comments

    I have been dealing with Andersen renewal since 9/12. They have had my deposit of over $8000.00 since September. I was misinformed about grilles (I wanted between the glass was told to go look at them, did, and hated the look. Turns out they sent me to look at different grille). NO one got my order correct once in 6 months. I finally was dealing with "supervisor" and he could not answer my questions accurately. Could not explain cost changes. I was supposed to get 20% off as advertised. BUT 20% off what? As other window companies state...they have no price list so it is not... More...
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    choclab1's Picture   choclab1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Buyer Beware

    Renewal By Andersen will tell you you're buying a real wood window and charge you an arm and a leg for your replacements when what you are getting is composite wood and plastic from the real Andersen Window factory. They sweep leftovers up off the floor, grind them down, mix in some glue and call them wood after they put a thin wood sticker on the inside of the window. You'll never be able to sand and stain them. There is also a huge problem with air leakage. If you have a service issue, good luck in getting anyone to come out and fix the problem--and when they do come out, good... More...
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